The below mentioned lists contain only some of the Iranian End-users and only some European Suppliers we supported within their EU-Iran trade relations. For reasons of clarity we only listed those clients we are the official Iranian partner of or those we are in close business relations with.

All purchased equipment’s were shipped from Europe directly to Iran on base of all necessary export control permissions from all responsible European authorities. Avoiding any legally questionable “re-exports” through third countries ensured the minimum costs for our Iranian clients and the maximum legal security for the EU based suppliers.

Iranian End-users we supplied

  • NIOC
  • MOBIN Petrochemical Company
  • KAROON Petrochemical Company
  • DAMAVAND Petrochemical Company
  • BANDAR IMAM Petrochemical Company
  • JAM Petrochemical Company
  • ARVAND Petrochemical Company
  • AMIR KABIR Petrochemical Company
  • FANAVARAN Petrochemical Company
  • MOBARAKE Steel Company
  • KAVEH Steel Company
  • TAT Shopping Mall
  • SHAHID TONDGUYAN Petrochemical Company
  • HANI Food Industries
  • CHIKA Food Industries
  • REGAL Petrochemical Company
  • JONDI SHAPOUR Petrochemical Company

and many other companies in the Oil, Petrochemical and Power Generation sector

Major Fields of Supply

  • Gas Turbines (Complete sets and spare parts)
  • Pumps (Complete sets and spare parts)
  • Compressors (Complete sets and spare parts)
  • Protective relays
  • GIS Sub Station
  • IS limiters
  • Electro-Motors (up to 31 MW)
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Production lines
  • Heat ex-changers
  • Pipes
  • Drilling Parts

Uncountable other items from many other fields