We, VARNA TEJARAT PARS ARVAND with a bright history are proud to serve the market as a solution provider for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry.

Our mission is to deliver the highest standard of integrated services to the Iranian and international market. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that meet all regulatory standards. Our solutions are backed by wide industry knowledge and expertise accumulated over years of servicing the industry.

We see the primary focus of our activities in the provision of purposeful and comprehensive procurement services to international companies irrespective of their legal form; In particular from the petrochemical (oil and gas) and power generation sectors. Within our clients EPC and EPCM projects we act as a solely responsible and centralized distribution organ for all needed raw materials, machines and replacement parts for the last mentioned sectors. The main advantage of working with us is that we are able to financially secure your business and procurement projects by issuing financial securities (fully usable in Iran) against your payment to our foreign suppliers and partners.